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    carrier ccn dataport/datalink/repeater board

    I am not a controls tech for starters.....I have a building with a johnson controls system controlling fan powered boxes and 5 Carrier Rtu's via a Johnson controls integrator and then a Carrier Datalink. I lost communications to the Rtu's and I called a controls tech and he found and replaced a failed Datalink. Problem solved--Big Bucks, but everyone is happy. Now my question. I have a Carrier ccn repeater new in the box that looks just like the datalink, Could the control board I have been reprogrammed to be used as a datalink even though it is a repeater with a part # ceas420876-02.This is a picture of the device And if it cannot be used in other applications, does it have any value as the buildings I work on do not have repeaters? Thank you in advance for the replies
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    Datalink is an old and now rapidly going extinct product.

    Not sure how new your Johnson system is but in the long run it'll be cheaper to get 5 carrier modbus or Lon or Bacnet cards and then whatever you need on the Johnson side to talk to them.

    ( If you haven't changed the battery in the repeator, it may need to be reprogammed as well ).

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    All the old black box controllers are hard to find and big bucks. Carrier was running a core return program on bad modules, not sure if they still are.

    I read awhile back in this forum [cant find the post] that somone had converted a black box modem to a TSM. If you look on the back of the modules, you will probally see a common number of 8088 or CIO. 8088 is the older module. Unfortunately the Winloader software is not distributed outside of Carrier. So if it is possible, you will need to contact them.

    Dont think the repeaters are worth very much as a repeater, after-market repeaters from B&B or BAPI work as a replacement and are under $200.

    As okfrommyhouse stated, the repeater has a battery along with all the older black box modules [access is below the part# sticker]. The battery is needed to retain the device software in the module when power is lost. If power is lost and the battery is dead the module will lose the device software and programmed parameters.

    Typical battery life is 5-10yrs. As the cost of the modules have gone thru the roof, I would recommend replacing a minimum of every 5 years. These may look like a regular AA battery, but they are not. You MUST keep A/C power on the module while replacing the battery or you will lose the device software.

    You stated you had 5 RTU's with DataLinks, these older RTU's probally have PSIO modules in them which also have batteries. If you need the part number of the battery, let me know & I will look it up.
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    Have a new Dataport/DataLink module and would like to get it out of my stock.. If customer is looking for a spare...please contact me.

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