Drives me crazy. Everything in the damstores are made somewhere else. We dont make anything. Im at shopko and looking at clothes. Hondurus, vietnam, china, japan, costa rica, mexico, nicaragua, christ all on the same rack. We cant even make a dam candy cane they were made in china. How the hell can they make them in china send them here cheaper than we can make them here our selfs. Last time I checked they didnt have sugar cane fields in china. Dam sponge looking candy and some xmas pastry crap from china. Arent they like 8000 miles away. Problem is we are cutting our own head of. We get the crap cheaper because they pay pennies to there labor so our stores dont pay anything for the goods they sell to us. Its dam depressing. And if you say dont buy the stuff buy American well goodluck, isnt squat for American goods left out there.