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    Minimzing Heat Pump Noises

    Hi all, my first post so be easy on me...I'm a newbie to HVAC jargon.

    I want to minimize the noise that my Rheem 410 (scroll compressor) heat pump makes. Like others have posted, I can not get used to the extremely loud noise that the scroll compressor makes every couple of hours or so when the reversing valve gets stuck for anywhere between 3 and 10 seconds. During this period it sounds like a sick lawnmower running on 1 cylinder. On top of this annoying noise, when it is running normally the fan or rotor engine till makes a pretty loud whirling/buzzing sound that I can hear overtop of my TV in the livingroom that is on the opposite side of the house....yeah I know...I must have super sonic bat ears or something.

    So from what I have read is that everyone recommends getting a sound blanket to dampen the noise. I can definitely do that, but which blankets work the there one out there that is way superior.

    And besides a sound blanket, what other things can I do or buy to reduce the noise level? For instance, I read in one post that Rheem changed its fan blades with quieter ones, do I need to special order thoses or do they come standard in the 2009 models? Another example is anti-vibration rubber vibro pads...are they worth a try or do they attached to someother HVAC component not related to the condenser?

    Basically, I want to modify or sup up my heat pump as much as possible to reduce the noise level. Any tricks, or specific products, etc. that work well? Oh, and I plan on having my local HVAC person do all of the mods!

    Thanks in advance!

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    There's no DIY here, a moderator will probably be along shortly to tell you that. Get the installing contractor out to go over the install, to see what can be done. BTW sound blankets will do little, to nothing to correct noise from a bad install.
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