Hello friends. I have a two-car garage that I recently finished and turned into a music studio. Heating the space was well outside of my price range so I decided to go with a through-the-wall Mini-PTAC. I landed on the Amana PBH113B35MA because it operates as a heat-pump and electric heater.

I just installed it this weekend and I'm amazed by how much heat it puts out. Prior to putting it in, I was using an EdenPure space heater I got as a gift. The space heater did practically nothing to heat the space. I kept it plugged in for days and it would stay quite cold. But, this Amana, I plugged it in and within 10 minutes the whole space was quite warm.

The obvious downside of the unit (which I knew going into it) is that it runs continuously and doesn't shut-off once it reaches its target temperature. I've had to turn the unit down to the lowest setting: 55 degrees and "Low Heat" and even then, it feels more like 70 degrees.

Anyway, my question is how much I'm spending to heat this space with this unit as opposed to the EdenPure. My electricity costs 8.06 per kWh and the energy usage info for the Amana is here. And the product information from the website I purchased it from is here.

When I had the Eden Pure in the studio, it ran continuously and it only has one setting: on (which I assume is pulling the full 1500 watts). So, the confusing thing to me about the Amana, is: When I run the Amana on the lowest possible setting (which I assume is operating as a heat pump) is there any way to tell how much energy I'm using as opposed to the Eden Pure?

Thanks for your help!