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    tying geothermal into the house

    I am new to the geothermal systems. and was just wondering if anyone could tell me the best way to go from the ground into the house. it sets on a slab and what I would really like to see is some pics of how some of you tie it into the house. i am really concerned about the pipes as they come out of the ground and into the house. if you built a box around it or what. Thanks and any info would be great.

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    usually we go underneath the "frost-free-footing" and come up alongside the footing into the house. nothing too spectacular but it works for us. if the mechanical room isn't on the outside of the house, i'm not sure what to tell you.
    while digging the loops into the house we cut a hole in the floor in the house and dig down with a post-hole digger. from the outside we have the back-hoe dig under the footing till both holes meet.

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    I have used spray foam to insulate a pipe in a pipe. Run the GT pipe into a PVC pipe that is larger and drill a few holes in the outside pipe to put the spray foam nozzle into it. It works quite well.

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    one: your water will have antifreeze in it.
    B: if it is that cold to freeze your water your pump will be running.

    So the chances of your short outside pipes freexing are very low. A power failure is your most likely scenerio. But you would have other issues in that case.

    My pipes come up out of the ground just high enough to enter the house a few inches above the basement floor. Personally I would not want anyone digging under the footing of my house. Unless they are pouring a new footing.

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