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    semi-recips obsolete ?

    Do you all think that recip semi-hermetics are now obsolete especially in a/c apps.Most new stuff that I see below a certain tonnage now all have scrolls.And anything above are screws. I only see new recips in refrigeration apps mostly copeland discus and a few carlyles.

    Your opinions please.

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    for general purpose air conditioning, i agree they seem to be done. we see scrolls up to about eighty tons, and then copeland screws. only time i see recips are for refrigeration, specifically on ice rinks these days. like anything, it comes down to cost. semis are more expensive to buy, and all of the manufacturers are trying to compete with each other on price. there is no one that competes on quality anymore, unless you see pharma grade stuff.

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    There is still a lot of new equipment with recips available. Thats what they put in the low end 13 seer units. It just cost too much to put a scroll in a low end piece of equipment.

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    Where durability is an issue you will still see semi-hermetics. Leibert is still using the carlyle and copeland in larger units. I agree with what flange said.

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    This has been coming for a long time. I was at a compressor rebuild factory in 1991 at Phoenix and they said then they were going obsolete.
    It wasn't so much about cost, it was that recips are less efficient because a piston can't completely empty a cylinder during it's stroke leaving some superheated gas behind.
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    refrigeration has it coming on strong. Really abundant in the last few years.

    There much much better in almost every category but capacity.

    There is a reason. I was explained by a guy from copeland that, todays technology has helped the scroll technology evolve due to the advances in consistent production of the scroll sets. Apparently it has taken a lot of money, effort, research ect to get this down to a reasonable defect percentage.

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    We see very few semis in refrigeration any more. Scrolls and even some of the new recips have taken over, they seem to do the job just as well for less cost.

    IMO, the new refrigerants and oils have lessened the reliability advantage that semis once had.

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    By virtue of fewer moving parts,scrolls should have the better reliability factor.It's just that once there dead there finished,absolutely no fixing of them

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    I for one have always liked the sound of a well running semi-hermetic. Kind of like the HVAC/R version of a great V8 engine exhaust note.
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