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    Is there an easy way to undersand my Staefa programming?

    I don't know much about the Staefa MS2000 interface I have but I was able to print out all the blocks in my system. Is there a way to get an easier to understand copy of my system? (somthing like an andovr contrls dump file)

    For my Staefa I've got a list of blocks and their names and a seperate binder of all the blocks printed out. Please tell me there is an easier way to reconstruct the programs. I've even figured out the dbspis program but my system has thousands of points.

    For better or worse I'll be converting this system to Andover Controls and writing PE programs my self.

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    Have you looked at "Control Summary" in Access. With this its possible to view the structure to a certain extent. The down side is that it only shows 10 levels backwards.

    As an example, if you have a LG2 1 block, if you type that into control summary, it will show all blocks that are connected into it, and whats connected to them. It won't however show what the LG2 1 block connects too. The only way to do this is dbspis.

    I'll say now that its a PITA to re-construct programs and I come across many NCRE's that modifications have been done to and loads of blocks are left in bad trace or just left unconnected to anything, just as people haven't taken the time to properly try and understand the program.

    In the UK, we did start writing some NCRE software using Eplan/Iplan software, the same stuff that was used for NRU. modules, which was block programming as we all know and understand it. However, it always seemed that as soon as anyone else came in to make any mods they ignored the Iplan software and just made mods on the fly.
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