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    Gas Log fireplace keeps going out

    I have a gas log fire place that i've used for 4 years. I vaccum out the burners each year. Turned it on this year and it burned for a few minutes, then wnet out. I replaced the entire gas log unit. It had a seperate inlet for NG and for LP. I hooked the line to the natural gas inlet, but the unit still goes out after 10 15 seconds. The gas line is connected to the main line next to my furnace and hot water heater, and they are working fine. Could there be some kind of blockage in the line? How could it get there? How do i get it out? How do I test for that??? Thanks for the help

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    [QUOTE=mac_in_jackson;5201132]I I replaced the entire gas log unit.


    This is not a DIY site. Please have a qualified fireplace tech come out and inspect your unit.

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