Here's a question for the Carrier experts. I've just replaced the original (~25 years old) HVAC system in my condo unit with a new Carrier system and I'm satisfied with the results. I opted for an 80% efficient Infinity furnace (58CVA,) a Comfort R22 AC condenser (24ACS,) an Infinity controller, a Carrier humidifier, and an Aprilaire media air cleaner. Infinity or Performance condensers were not a realistic option for my condo because I would have had to replace the lengthy (~100ft) lineset, which was soft-soldered and undersized for R410a. Similarly, I couldn't go above 80% for the furnace, because I'm not able to vent directly outside my unit.

Anyway, to my question: the Infinity controller is able to sense the outdoor air temperate with an OAT sensor, but I'm not sure that the Comfort condenser supports that option. Getting a readout of the outdoor temperature would be nice, but more importantly, automatic humidity control requires an OAT sensor to be present.

  • Does the Comfort condenser have a OAT sensor option and is it compatible with the Infinity system?
  • Does Carrier supply a standalone OAT sensor unit that works with the Infinity system?