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    Slow cooked Wings

    Ok guys, you have to help me out here! I went to a party and they had some of the most tender wings I have ever had in my entire life. Man were they tasty too! Anyways I bought my wife a slow cooker for Christmas, wink wink can't wait to use it!! Anyways I need to know how to make some good wings, and how to use a slow cooker!

    Cheers Parksy

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    What kind did you buy? I have done wings on both of my smokers. On a Weber kettle with a smokenator kit and on my Orion. Orion gets props for fast and they were oh so moist. Some people like to brown them a little on a grill after the smoke. I know you said you bought a slow cooker already but you might take it back and buy an Orion. You will be really happy with it and it has the least learning curve.

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    The only slow cooked wings I have made were on the smoker. I would not make them in a crock pot smothered in sauce, they would turn to mush.

    I lay them out on the smoker for about 4hrs, then flash heat them on the grill (more less browning the outsides of the wing to make them crunchy), and then toss them in a sauce or serve the sauce on the side.

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    I use my charcoal grill with a indirect heat. I also found a killer recipe online. I made 5lbs of these for new years day.... Can I say they were gone in less than 10 minutes.

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    well, you have slow cook them for a long time to get them very tender. that is where i'm starting.

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