I have been tasked with integrating 5 Trane MP 580ís into an existing LNS Lonwork system. I have no access to the existing system yet. No idea what vender. At this point in time they are requesting me to do a couple of things. First was creating an LNS Database. I did that using LonMaker 3.2 Turbo. The second thing they want is for me to provide them with the bandwidth usage of these controllers while they are being polled for data from LonMaker, using LonScanner. The problem I am running into is that LonMaker isnít seeing all of my variables so I canít poll them. I had to create a TGP program in the Trane system and map my Trane variables to an nvi or nvo. I have done that and I can see the data transfer in the program but the data doesnít always show up in LonMaker as expected.
One thought I had as I was driving home tonight is the send and receive times in the Trane controls versus what LonMaker would want. I donít know if that could be an issue and what times LonMaker would want to see.
Any ideas would me greatly appreciated.