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    Confused Electrical Plug with Wood Burning Insert??

    I am looking to install a new wood burning insert. The fire guys tell me to just put in an electrical plug inside the fireplace to plug in the insert. The electrician tells me he is concerned with it getting too hot? Who's right? Fireplace guys say "we do it all the time" and the electrician looks at the distance to combustibles and voices concerns. I have two professionals from different fields giving me different information and I am getting very frustrated by it. Please help.

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    Cool insert outlet in Fp?

    A wood insert radiates a lot of heat, which, over time may break down the wiring insulation causing a fault. That's why they put a cord w/ plug--because the mfr and listing agency recognize this and want the cord exposed. Also, you need to be able to unplug it for service, which would be rather hard to do once installed if the box was mounted inside the Fp. Check listing to see if approved for alternative hard wiring to a 110 vac switch. Otherwise, I advise to use an external outlet.

    I hope you are using a full length listed stainless steel chimney liner with the proper insulation to meet the 2,100F listing and had a Level II inspection prior.


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    We do this with gas and pellet inserts because they don't have the potential to get so hot back there. We don't do it with wood inserts for the reason hearthman pointed out.

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