Ok, so I think I understand now. Bergy explained it in simple terms, that I could understand. (Thanks again, Bergy.)

It's like my old Dodge Colt. My car was actually a Mitsubishi Mirage with a Dodge Colt sticker. If you opened the hood, it said "Mitsubishi made in Japan" and had Japanese characters in the label. If you looked at the name on the outside it said "Dodge Colt" and it was imported by Chrysler, so it was called a Dodge Colt, and Dodge provided the warranties and Dealer maintenance, not Mistubishi. If you stood a Mirage and a Colt side-by-side, you could not tell the difference, but officially one was a "Dodge" and one was a "Mitsubishi."

No wonder both local HVAC people said our units were "Waterfurnace." Our units were manufactured by WF, but sold by a different company--under the Paradise name. You say tomato and I say Tomoto. It's not a Mitsubishi, it's a Dodge. I think I finally understand. WF-made equipment, but because it does not have the official WF label and license and was sold by a different supplier, it comes without the WF official name, warranty or support system. It is Paradise...only there is no more Paradise.

OK, so that is part of the bad news. The other the bad news is that original installer, who contracted with our builder and not directly with us, no longer has anything to do with Paradise or the succeeding Enertech. (I believe the installer told me they now sell a brand called Florida Heat Pump, or something like that...not sure. They seemed to like that brand a great deal.)

The original installer installed the replacement coils. After one year if those fail, it sounds like we are back in the weeds. Our new local HVAC company/WF dealer could not give us a better replacement warranty (1 year) and would have charged us more to replace the coils, so we went back to the original installer for the repairs.

On the up side, our equipment was born in a WF factory, and you say your equipment is superior, so maybe the only thing that should keep me up at night (at least for now) is the potential for the air coils to fail again in the next few years. Our new maintenance contract is with a WF dealer, so they will know this Paradise equipment, and will be able to maintain it properly. Other than the coils, and some air in the lines the first spring after we moved in, the system has been very good.

Waterfurnace, let me ask you a couple of questions, if I may. Since we are now a Paradise owner without any warranties to speak of or even an original dealer to go back to, even if you do test the coils and you do confirm that they are leaking and/or that they have the manufacturing defect that my husband, the installer, and the WF Dealer suspect they do, what good will it do? I mean, what happens next? The point of shipping them back to you was to show you what went wrong, so your engineers could fix the design. You do not claim them as yours. Paradise is a ghost. Does the ghost care? Do you care?

If our current replacement coils fail again, and I really fear that they may, is there a WF epoxy-coated coil that would fit into our current system? Like a "Mitsubishi Mirage" part in my "Dodge Colt" would have fit? If not, my husband says that if the coils fail again, he wants to tear both systems out and start over with new, different systems, and a new local HVAC company. He is an engineer. That does not reflect well on your industry as a whole. We SHOULD NOT be to that point, at this point. I now wish we had just installed super high efficiency gas systems. They cost a bit more to run, but they last for decades. My husband was the GT true believer, not me. He still says the GT thing is a good idea, and can and should work better than the gas systems. I'm not convinced now. It sounds like a lot of coils leak, if the people posting on this forum are to be believed. FL Gree Home has official WF coils that are leaking, I believe. Leaking coils appear to be an issue--at least, it looks that way to me.

For us this is not about blame or reimbursement or I told you so. We just want the darn coils to work for longer than a few years, especially when we paid big upfront costs in order to save money over the long run. No one can save money if they are shelling out for big repairs every few years.

Williamsburg (Having wandered out of the maze only to now be wandering in the desert)