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Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, I find it to be disappointing and insufficient. Whatever the reason for WaterFurnace's coil failure problems, my experience (and the end result) is that your company has manufactured an unreliable HVAC unit. Two blower motors, a cracked and leaking drain pan, and now a coil have all failed in just over four years. However, it is your response to the coil issue that I find most troubling. Whether the issue is blamed on formicary corrosion due to the "air quality" in consumers' homes, poor manufacturing techniques, inadequate coatings, or just plain substandard copper, the fact remains that coil failure in a four year old unit is not normal wear and tear.
In my job as an airline pilot, I fly with different crewmembers almost every time I work. We have hours to just talk about everything under the sun, and our experiences with cars, families, schools, and HOUSES are frequent topics of conversation. In the past, I have always extolled the virtues of geothermal HVAC because of the many benefits it offers. I will continue to do so, but will now have to recommend against purchasing a WaterFurnace unit.
It is unfortunate that WaterFurnace has elected to go with the CYA approach and lose at least my future recommendations. Thankfully, my installer has agreed to take up your slack and cover the repair bill. Was it worth it?
My husband also read the report on coil failures, epecially since we had repeated coil failures and just replaced two six year old systems for $30,000, not counting the thousands we spent to replace the coils last year. We replaced Paradise with Climatemaster.

My husband is a professor of Aerospace Engineering/Mechanical Engineering. His students work all over the world for major employers, including the Air Force, Navy, Army, and NASA.

I asked him what he thought about the coil failure report. He said in his opinion, it was a lame excuse--said the coils should be manufactured to withstand the residential environmental factors since that is where the systems are installed. He said if that were not possible, then every refrigerator in America would fail, since the coils on the fridge serve the same purpose. My fridge is over 15 years old, and still going strong.

But then again, that's only his opinion...