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    Microtech I Integration to N2 Question

    We have a site that had an NCM going to a JCI integrator going to an OPM panel with a dozen Microtech I contollers in some UVs wired to it. It was never setup in this building though for ??? reason as these units were not mapped into the NCM and the JCI integrator panel had no tables in it.

    Checking another building with similar setup i found what table it has loaded into it. Both panels are version 5.0 though and we only have version 8.0 and 9.0 of the software.

    At the building in question we also noted that all of the UVs are set to teh same address so if it is possible for us to get version 5.0 of the MIG software, i'm still not sure if the McQuay OPM panel needs some kind of setup as well.

    So i'm looking for recommendations on this. We have to give them a quote to get these rooms on the BMS like the rest of the building. The best option for the customer would be to finish this integration that was installed and never setup but there are pieces of the puzzle we don't have as well as a lack of knowlege on the OPM panel.


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    The controllers will need to be properly addressed and might need the level changed if it does not have a UVLMP board. You will need to verify the OPM communicates, which will take some minor set up with the McQuay software. You will have to enter in the password into the Johnson integrator. The JCI system inherently writes to network timers etc, failry simple integration.

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