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    WEB-403-AX controller to bacnet IP

    Has anyone exposed this for bacnet IP communications out to other systems? Do you need certain niagara licences?
    Is there alot of work involved or do you just need to set some parameters? I'm wanting to grab all devices and all points.

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    The WEB-403-AX come with the BACnet MSTP and BACnet IP Client drivers. So you don't need any other licences.
    It doen't involved alot of work. You need to add a BACnet driver from the bacnet palette to the config/driver folder. After that you need to modify the Object ID in the Local device folder as it is set to -1 as default and then enable the driver.

    Then you should be able to discover any device using the BACnet Device Manager and grab any points you need.

    Hope this help.

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