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    Where to purchase SIT 820 Nova mV internal components

    Long story short, I think I blew out the main seat as a results of exposing the LPG gas line to line pressures over 15psi.

    What happend was the system was clogged with dog hair and dust after 3 years of sitting in the fireplace. The pilot wasn't allowing any gas to go through. I made the rookie mistake of blowing out the unit with the air compressor. Yes it now flows like a mother, but it also allows the main burner to light up with the pilot. Consequently the Lo/High does not funtion either. Its WIDE OPEN all the time. Quite scary.

    Without having to replace the entire control, is it possible to replace the internal component that failed? If so, who can I pick this up from? I called SIT and they said Johnstone sells the "guts" yet the Johnstone website only shows the entire control itself...errr.


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    Most of the gas fireplace valves are non-serviceable. Usually just the regulator can be replaced but the rest of it is not meant to be opened after its made. Replacing the entire valve would be the proper thing to do.

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    That's sad that we are forced to replace a $200 part over a 20 cent component thats easily removed and replaced.

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    Red face we alll make mistakes

    If you dismantled the valve and replaced the diaphragm for ex., you just voided the warranty and listing to the ANSI Z21.78 std. Why take all that liability and place your client at risk?

    Think of it as a $200 training exercise and be glad that's all it cost.


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    Sorry, I should have added that I'm just a joe-shmoe homeowner and not a commercial installer with clients. Being a design engineer for Honda, this sort of tinkering doesnt scare me off Its a fairly simple mechanism...and extremly cheaply built by the way.

    The unit is 5yrs old so the warranty is gone (as far as I know). My idea of why it wasnt working was nearly correct. This morning I found the right sized saftey torx bit and took off the cover. The main valves plastic seat had simply blown sideways and got stuck. It took all of 15 seconds to put it back in place. Nothing else was touched within the control

    I threw it back together (everything torqued properly) and reinstalled this evening after work. The unit hasnt been fired up in almost 4 years so who knew what was going to happen. I turned on the gas supply and there was no odor or any suprises. After that it fired right up without hesitation. The main burner is fully adjustable as well.

    A few more odd things which shouldnt be related to the control from the original post....

    1) The off/on does not appear to kick off the main burner (or do anything for that matter). I guess its time to start tracing wires.

    2) The switch on my wall, doesnt do anything (most likely related to #1)

    3) Most importantly, the fireplace was only run for 4 or 5 minutes. Its a ventless system and the house wreaks of propane now. From memory it used to stink for a little while the last time it was fired up then went away. Can I assume this is normal and it will diminish after a while?

    If residential owners arent allowed to ask questions on the forum, just let me know.


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    . Can I assume this is normal and it will diminish after a while?

    No, you should not assume this is normal. You need to have a qualified fireplace service tech check your unit and ensure the unit is operating safely, especially since you have taken things apart. As others have stated (warned) those valves are non-servicable and entire control should be replaced.

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    Thumbs down still don't get it

    Some fireplaces carry warranties of 20+yrs so read the fine print.

    By tinkering with this control, you could be endangering any occupants or guests in that house.

    You said it seems to be far. Even if you "got away with it" doesn't make it right. Still makes you recklessly endangering anyone else in that house.

    You can't tell us the make and model but you have the torque specifications for that valve?

    You found one part out of place but you have no way of knowing what other damage was done by the high pressure.

    You say it doesn't leak yet you smell propane (actually, it would be the odorizer)--which is it?

    You admit you are a homeowner who made a big mistake by blowing high pressure into a delicate precision control for combustible gas then insisted on taking the valve apart and putting it back into operation against professional advice. Being an engineer means you will beat the paramedics to the scene of the explosion. You are not trained to work on this valve or fireplace. Step away and pay a pro before you kill someone!

    Man, it never ends. Guys think they know it all, screw it up then come here asking more advice from us.

    yes, ventfree stink. It's just what all is stinking: combustible gas leaks from your tinkering, aldehyes from incomplete combustion, fried dust syndrome, burnt aerosols, etc. Never smelled a VF that did not stink.

    No, you are dangerous enough without any further encouragement from any of the pros on this site. This post should be a poster for why to call a pro.


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