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    Hean & Glo CERONA-42

    I have a customer that has a GEM-42 gas fireplace made by Heat & Glo that ignites sometimes, and sometimes not. When it does not lite, there is no gas or spark to the pilot.

    I've verified 110VAC to the junction box and that there is 2.9v going into the module from the transformer. The wall switches will not turn on the unit, but the local switches sometimes allow the system to operate. Would the module, if bad, operate sometimes?

    I have the troubleshooting tips from the installer's manual, but that isn't much help. Where can I obtain a troubleshooting flow chart with voltages at the different terminals? It may be a wiring issue because it is a rat's nest of wiring under there.

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    Thanks guys !!!
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    Is it a GEM or a Cerona?

    That GEM unit should have an upgrade kit applied to it which has a timer delay built in for the burner ignition. The pilot must be on 3-5 mins before the burner will ignite.

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    The ID tag says GEM, but I didn't find any info on the GEM and when I searched GEM, the results came back cerona. I didn't know there was a difference.

    The upgrade, is that in reference to the recall that was issued? I am not sure if this unit has been upgraded yet.

    Got your email and replied, a 1000 thanks !!!

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    You can contact HG Tech Support with the serial number of that unit and they can tell you if it was officially converted under the recall or not. This kit includes reinforcement for the glass front as well as the delay on make timer function. There is a special sticker that should be present down below.


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