Hello everyone, i'm posting this question in hopes of getting some insight to a problem that i currently have with my furnace

The problem:
I had a RUDD Silouette II Downflow furnace (about 10 years old). Here is what happens on a typical morning.

Thermostat is set at 62 at night and calls for 68 at 8:00 AM.
When the time strikes, the furnace kicks on with no problem, runs one cycle but not two seconds pass before it starts the cycle again. Now, we know that we are looking at a 6 degree jump, but here is my question.

1. Is it common for the furnace to cycle so often until it reaches its desired temperature? I know most other furnaces have a pause between and i'm concerned that this will overload the furnace. Especially since its runs constantly.

2. Is it possible for have the unit run longer in the hopes of having more heat output that way we can reduce the number of cycles until we reach the desired point?

Any thoughts would certainly be appreciated,