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    30 hxc 215 questions


    Firsth I would like to introduce myself. Whe grow flowers in the east of Holland. Whe have 45.000m2 of glasshouses with Amaryllis. This is a bulb flowers which needs cooling else it doesn't give flowers.

    In a periode of 14 weeks we need 1.200.000 kW cold water of 8c.

    Now we have 2 chillers a 30HR140 and carrier 30HR240. The HR240 is giving problems with water in the cooling liquide and we want to loose this one. (Chanched filters 4 times, and checked 2 times with N. cannot find the problem)

    I can buy a 1998 30HXC215 for 12.000euro. I don't now start,stops ore hours. This machine has to move verry fast so the day after tomorrow we are going for the first sight. The machine is out of power and is disconnected for 2 months now. The chiller is in a warehouse.

    I know many things about the HR machines from Carrier but not from the HXC machines

    What should I check from a HXC chiller.

    Is it easy to give power with a small generator tot the main computer to read the start/ stops and hours?

    Why can't I find the type 30hxc215, If I check in the internet I only can find the types HXC200 and 230.

    My cooling mechanic is for 4 weeks in Chillie, (the lucky basterd). Because of the very short time I have to go without him. Hope you can give me some help


    Martijn Evers
    The netherlands

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    Hello Gibbo you might have to answer this one.
    UA 100

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    Your chiller is French and is classed as a Phaase 1 GX/HX which is of the
    original design. There are now 3 versions Therefore any Carrier parts needed
    will require you to give full model and serial number to Carrier Spare Parts there may even be a parts list inside the main panel.

    To be honest this isn't a plug and play chiller to install and start up especially as its second hand and if you haven't worked on them before. I would contact Carrier Service in Holland and let them start it up to make sure everything is ok.

    I will have a look to see what i can send you i should be able to find a IOM / Controls manual.

    Do you know the history to this unit can the seller rig up power and water to show you it works ok or are you buying it and hoping for the best..

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    Buying it and hoping for the best...

    I was thinking to take a smal generator and put power on the control board to see the hours and start/ stops.

    My idea was not more them 12000/ 15000 hours (What do think about max hours /start/ stops?)

    For starting up the ciller firsth time I always call carrier holland to check everything, this is the 5th chiller I buy by myself so far all worked good (Oh, not the HR240 2 years and now troubles). But guess I wass just lucky

    The buyer cannot put power/ water on the chiller. There are 2 chillers at the site, both are complete disconnected. They worked at a warehouse/ shoppingcentrum.

    What would you think of a reasenable price?

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    You will need to put 415 volts 3 phase onto the main chiller terminals just to read the display. I don't know whether the chiller cost is ok or not.
    Why have they sold it, its only 11 years old so has plenty of life left unless of
    course they had problems with it.

    I would check for any oil stains around the chiller which would indicate it had leaked at some stage, do all of the compressors look original or are there slight colour differences.

    Do the condensor or cooler end covers look as if they have been removed for inspection if so why.
    Ask to see its service history

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