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    JTP - I don't this the tech is being honest about what work he's done. Verbally, he told me he replaced the diaphragm in the valve. On the invoice, which I haven't paid, he said that the gas company needs to reduce pressure at the meter to 3.5" w.c. (dangerous advice).

    I've escalated this to the manufacturer and am trying to convince them to involve the Dealer Metrics Specialist. If that doesn't bear fruit, then I'll pay a different, authorized service company to come out and fix it. Bottom line, I want it to be safe. At this point, there's a good chance the current tech has Frankenstien'd it.

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    Exclamation shut it down!

    If you present the mfrs. specs with your copy of the invoice to the local Fire Marshal and ask him how he feels about delayed ignition due to low inlet gas pressure, I'm sure he would, shall we say, *frown* upon this tech (if you can call him that)'s advice.

    Now, just present that thought to the company who sent this turkey out and ask them what they propose to do about:
    -setting up this fireplace per mfr.s specifications at THEIR cost
    -ask HG to cross check your serial number against a bad batch of pilot solenoids they know about.
    --irregardless who pays for it, do NOT operate that appliance until it gets a whole new valve and a QUALIFIED service tech performs the valve replacement then conducts a thorough service. Insist on seeing the credentials of ANY service tech who offers to work on your appliance. They should have proof of attending factory training on this product and hopefully hold a current certification by the National Fireplace Institute as a Gas Specialist. If they give you their name and zipcode, you can look it up yourself on the NFI site:
    Ask for a photocopy of their cert. of completion on the HG tech course. If the place that sold it does not have such a tech, ask them how the heck they plan on performing proper startup and annual service on the products they sell and install? If this is from a wholesaler or mail order house, that's the risk you run and the cost of your *discount*.


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