So I bought this new chiller pressurizer, went to use it for the first time today... Hooked it all up, started running it everything was going well. The chiller holds 1400 lbs. of R123. After a few hours the chiller was at 4 psi, from there the pressure increase slowed way down... Might have gotten to 4.7 psi by the end of the day.

In the past I would always recover the refrigerant, pressurize with nitrogen and a little 22 up to 10-12 psi, check chiller with electronic leak detector and verify/pinpoint leaks with soap bubbles.. Works great.. So i figured at 4 psi i would go around with the leak detector and see what I could find. Well, the electronic was going off consistantly in a couple back out bolt holes and a couple gaskets but couldn't get any soap bubbles anywhere...

I am wondering if anyone has any experiance with these pressurizers? Do you like it? What type of applications do you use it on? What PSI do you typically try to get to for leak checking and how long does it take?

The pressurizer unit is a 30kw.