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    Continuity check on Fluke meter

    Hello all. First time post. I use a Fluke 16 meter, sometimes when I am testing continuity I get 1 short beep, not the continuous beep when you have a circuit. Other times I get nothing, so there is a purpose for this short beep, can someone help me with this? Thanks

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    The short beep indicates continuity with low ohms. When your ohms goes over 25 on 250 off on a fluke 16 it won't beep. Your batteries may be low, or you might have a poor connection at the probes. I would suggest putting it in ohms and not continuity check and then watch your numbers and see what you get insted of useing the audio indicator.

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    I agree, use the ohms scale instead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Texas-Tech View Post
    I agree, use the ohms scale instead.
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