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    Choice of T-stats for 58MVB

    Hello, I have a bi-level house (1200sf/fl) with 3 kids and 2 adults residing. The reason I'm posting is I have just had a new system installed (Carrier 58MVB-80 and Edge TP-PRH with a temp sensor outside) and have noticed I can't get to the humidity programming settings on the t-stat. I realize the dealer may have locked it out and can easily fix that - so can I. Anyway, I'm uber-concerned about humidity control in this house because I have pianos on each floor as well has hardwood upstairs. Since the t-stat doesn't display the rh (which seems odd to me) I have to rely on the store-bought humidity sensors I have placed around the more expensive piano downstairs. Which t-stat would offer me better humidity/dehum. control/settings? The Edge or the Infinity? Any opinions or advice would be appreciated.

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    The Infinity is the one for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pelican3 View Post
    The Infinity is the one for you.
    Ok, thank for that response. Are there any dealers in the group who would agree? If so, do you think it's reasonable that the dealer who installed this (less than a week ago) would be kind enough to offer an exchange/upgrade to the Infinity T-stat? I don't know the difference in price between the two but I'm betting the Infinity is more $$. Naturally, I'd be willing to cover this.

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