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    Kairak condensing units

    iv never worked on any Kairak condensing units before. this is one big condenser with like 3 compressors and a huge receiver. I have 2 walk in coolers on it with 2 evaps a piece and 1 walk in freezer with 2 evaps. Also some line equipment. walk in coolers my suction pressure seems to be low to me they are all running around 0 deg saturation on the evap and 90 deg saturation on the head side.404A this is all 4 evaps. I went as far as replacing and expansion valve on one of the evaps. I tried getting the valve to respond by opening and closing the it. nothing happened with the preasures. also a big complaint is that the walk in freezer box temp is running around 20 deg. I asked my service manager if this system looked low on charge he says no its got plenty in it. the receiver guage says its just over 40 percent full. any advise?

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    Don't let the strange arrangement or the size of the system overwhelm you. It's still just refrigeration. Take one aspect at a start with one cooler TXV and answer questions like these:

    Do you have a liquid sightglass? Is it clear?
    Do you have a solid column of liquid at the TXV?
    Is the TXV inlet screen clean?
    What is your subcooling at the TXV? (Get the actual pressure and temp at the TXV)
    What is you superheat leaving the evaporator?

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