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    Hello from Toronto!

    Hey there fellow HVAC techs/contractors!

    I would like your professional opinions. I was with this relatively small, family owned HVAC company for the past three years. Started out as a helper, got my G3 and not until recent, obtained a G2. Unfortunately, it got to the point where i could no longer afford to work for the company. To the point where i'd dipped into my savings, just so I could continue working for them.

    Eventually, judgement day came and had no other choice but to leave. I got hired with a transport refrigeration company just so i could get some experience under my belt but now that i've been considering getting back into HVAC itself, it seems easier said than done. I'm a gas tech 2 with an ODP and working on heights training certificate, alongside many other littler certifications. What are the things I can do to make myself more attractive to employers?

    Another thing...Is it just me or is the industry slow? Will it pick up again leading to more companies looking for techs or is this it?


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    Get out of Ontario while you can still afford to. Journeyman rate for G2 out west is $27-30/hr and you were making $15 or so, add in your TSSA and OCT fees and you're broke!

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