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    What would be my best options?

    I am looking for a someone with an HVAC license in good standing for a client located in Houston TX, The owner wishes to hire on or partner with someone with a HVAC license to to a visual disability he is unable to obtain a license to further grow his current HVAC company, if you think your a good fit please respond, thank you

    Again this is a HVAC sales and marketing company looking to hire on a full time HVAC licensed personnel or partner.

    The owner is visually disabled this is why he can not obtain a licence and is needing to bring someone on that has one as he would like to start working on the equipment he sells, thanks

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    Please forgive my comment as some may think it seems rude or discriminatory. It is not intended and I probably understand better than many. My wife worked for the Department of the Blind in our state. Yes she is visually impaired. I've been to our state training facility and watched them use power tools. Table saws, drills, circular saws, sanders, Paint, cooking, baked goods, etc... I've seen some pretty high quality stuff made. I have known many visually impaired people and have done work for visually impaired people and allowed them to help so they could learn more. I even had a blind helper for a short time. It was my experience it is not economically feasable to send two people on every job when you primarily compete against a 1 man crew. There were some tax credits and finacial incentives for hiring a visually impaired person but it did not completely offset the difference of the two man crew and the added workmans comp and liability insurance costs.

    If you have figured out how to make it economically feasable I'd like to hear about it

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