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Thread: is it just me?

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    is it just me?

    It"s not so much the butchering of the english language that drives me nuts, when it's just stupid misuse of words. I can't stand it.

    So my girl and I go down the road today for a beer and a burger lunch. I honed in on the conversation behind me because two guys were discussing a walk in freezer at his restaurant.

    Guy says "The maintenance guy was UNthawing the freezer for LITERALLY forever"

    Then he goes on and on about proper de-icing techniques. Course all I heard was "bla bla bla unthaw bla bla unthaw unthaw bla bla irregardless unthaw"

    I just can't stand it. I think it's hypothetacly impossible for anyone to annoy me more than that guy.
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