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    Does anyone know where I can find a good price on some glass doors for a Majestic fireplace? Here is what I found so far:

    Seems a bit steep, especially considering shipping.

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    From my experience, the cheaper the door, the junkier it is.

    I see that the door sells for $294.00. The door has a 3/16" glass panel and only a one year warranty.

    We are a Majestic fireplace dealer and we use Thermo-rite glass doors. They have a 5 year warranty on the frames and a 5 year warranty on the glass.

    Thermo-rite has doors designed to fit your Majestic MRC42 starting at $378.00

    The Thermo-rite doors also have 1/4" tempered glass.

    I hope this info helps.

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    Exclamation bad advice

    Uhh, Superman, I suggest you re-think your use of aftermarket doors on factory built fireplaces. Unless that specific door was tested in that specific model fireplace for the entire UL 127 test, it should not be used. These after market doors claim to be "tested to UL127" or even "UL listed". Call Bob Zimmerman at UL and ask him if he shows a current listing for that product and specifically what the listing is for. They even have a search engine on their site.

    Just because a product is "tested" doesn't mean it passed. Even if it was tested by a nationally recognized testing lab, it cannot be called "UL listed" unless UL themselves did the testing and listed it. The portions of UL127 addressing doors specifically are rather short and sweet. What they cannot do is predict how that model fireplace will perform under the UL test conditions with someone else's doors installed. Believe me, the unapproved doors can start fires, cause smoke spillage, suffer premature damage & wear out.

    You have a duty to advise the homeowner of what is fitting and proper. Keep selling those aftermarket doors that aren't tested in a full UL127 test and you may be on the other end of a lawsuit charged with violating an Implied Warranty for a Particular Purpose or Implied Warranty of Mechantability.

    You are the hearth professional expected to know such things. That's one of the reasons people go to specialty shops instead of home centers or the Internet sourcess. They want accurate advise.

    The doors you sell may indeed fit but they may also cause the Fp to over heat, spill smoke, soot particles, & CO, or other problems. If an inspector notes the unapproved doors, he'll focus on how those doors are the proximate and legal cause of the problem. You noted the glass thickness. I can assure you that has a lot to do with firebox temperatures. Install those doors and the warranty and listing go out the window.

    If you continue to sell such doors, understand there is a transfer of liability or an assumption of risk you take on. Should an Ooops! occur, you, your source for those doors, and the door mfr. will all be in court together. You can bet they will be trying to prove it was your responsibility and not theirs.

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    As a Majestic distributor,we offered thermorite as an upgrade.They are a well regarded product in the industry.Majestic O.E. doors are made by a subsidiary in skokie,illinois.In fact the MRC-42 is obsolete and the doors are unavailable except thru aftermarket.I won't argue test listings but after exchanging as many warranty doors as we did.(only a 90 day warranty on Majestic doors)It seemed obvious which doors held up better.

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