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    problem with goodman furnace

    im working on this residental goodman furnace and the 5 amp fuse on the circuit board blows every week and a half or so.things i allready done got all the low voltage electrical wires nice and tight,replaced t stat wire from tstat to furnace.i know its not a dead short something in the low voltage side is creating to high of a load causing the 5 amp fuse to leading towards the circuit board being bad but not sure...anybody have any ideas or had the same issue before?? o and im not a DIY i only have 2 year exp am a newbi and my service maneger is an idiot he wants me to sell them a new unit

    thanks in advance
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    Does this happen only in the heating cycle? Or both, heating & cooling?

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    both but more often in heating..........

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    You probably should check all of your low voltage wiring again. Can't really go any deeper in the public forum.

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    ok thats cool thanks for your help anyways!

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    Sorry, this is not a DIY site. So we are not allowed to give out advise of this nature.

    Since answering your question in the open Residential Forums would be posting instruction for DIYers that may read this post later.

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