I have a CTC model 43558 T-stat and an electric hybrid heat pump. All is working well exept stage 2 heat (single stage 10K strip) - It comes on earlier than I would like as when it is 40* outside, the strip heat should not come on at all - the HP should be able to handle that. I went to my thermostat (ctc 43558) and pressed the Option button until I got the the "Span stg 2" setting. It was already set to 2 (factory default) and can be set to 1,2,3,4,5 or 6. So, I set it to 6 and we will see what happens later.

However, according to the manual, a lower setting will cause the second stage to kick in sooner and higher numbers will cause it to kick in later. The question is HOW MUCH later. Does this number represent "Number of elapsed minutes of the t-stat not being satisfied before turning on stage 2" or is it a number that is used in a calculation internally or perhaps the number of degrees difference between room temperature and set temperature before turning one? Or does it work like dip switches do where it is more like a chart (yuo know, setting of 1 = wait 5 minutes, setting of 2 = wait 9 minutes....that type of thing)

Anyone using this t-stat? If so, what's your stage 2 setting?