Im a sparky, specialised in supermarket refrigeration. I have worked on industrial PLC's and telecommunications in the the past. PLC's and telecoms have what they call an I.S. system , integrialy safe. Basically it is a surge protector/current diverter and a small fuse on their inputs. They dont want voltage to be able to blow up an entire telephone/internet exchange or stop an industrial production line that makes $xk's a minute or hour. Yet on danfoss, cpc(einstien now) or what ever, if you put voltage on an input its your fault. This is like buying a lada car, the car company telling you dont drive it in the rain or hit a speed hump. It is reasonably expected that the car will hit a speed bump or it will rain. Car manufacturers design their cars to operate in the environment they are intended for. So why is it not reasonably expected, that a danfoss card installed in an environment surrounded by voltage, will come into contact with voltage? when this happens the person who made a "mistake" is the one responsible for the stock loss or cost of replacing the card. Personally i have been lucky enough to have not done this before but have seen it done many times, and heard of it happening countless times before. I have just seen my apprentice do this to a danfoss card but could have easily been me.

When are these manufactures going to stop blaming the installer and fix their products by puttin I.S. systems on thier controllers/cards? As long as the company who stuffed the card is admitting error and paying for it (hooray danfoss just made another sale) this will continue to happen.

im outraged. plc's and telecoms's can do it, y not refrigeration/hvac control industry. Lets stop blaming ourself and call bull **** on these companies trying to make an extra sale.