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    Need help with TRANE unit

    Having problem with unit. It had the compressor replaced about a year ago and has not cooled properly in a while.
    It has dual compressors with dual evap and cond coils, Shared blower and fan. Charge is correct, weighed in to specs, I'm not sure about the metering device because the high pressure gas enters a manifold on the entrance to the evap and it doesn't have a txv valve. Sub-cooling good at 10 deg. but super-heat way off...about 35 deg. back pressure around 55-60 psig. I was thinking, well, guessing that the filter may be loaded but there is no temp diff. across it.
    I am a newby to this field and could use some advice....Thanks.

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    Did you check the filter?
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    you need to verify the actual psi on each side of drier

    had a bad drier without any temp differential couldn't tell until psi was verified
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    Air Filter is new.

    I will have to sweat fittings to check pressure on each side, So if I have to get torches out, I'll go ahead and change filter/dryer.

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    Try changing the drier, if that doesn't do it then you'll need a new evaporator manifold. I would just get a new evap coil and be done with it but, that's when I'm not paying for the coil.

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    I agree with otto. If it's a ycd, seen the evap orifices gunked up after a burnout.

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    general forum???
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    Sorry, this is not a DIY site. So we are not allowed to give out advise of this nature.

    Since answering your question in the open Residential Forums would be posting instruction for DIYers that may read this post later.

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