TIPS on the job?? Never had much luck there, maybe I'm not as good a tech as I thought.

I do have one story though that goes to show just how CHEAP owners are:

We have had this particular client for about 4 years now. It's a manufacturing plant. They have a MAU that we have been servicing. Well, one day we get a call that the MAU is down and we need to come fix it. Ok, two of us go out and lo and behold, the customer HAD MOVED THE MAU from the original location to a new spot about 30 feet away. I mean they moved the dang thing!!!! They were blaming us for breaking it and told us they expected it to be fixed under warranty. The kicker is that the MAU was made of 2 modules you can bolt together (pretty big) and you have to unbolt the sections to move it. So it was pretty obvious that someone didn't put it back together right.

But wanting us to fix it because it was under our service contract, but you take it apart, move it, and try to put it back together?