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    I currently do apartment maintenance. We have a regular rotation ,like everyone else I would imagin.There's 11 of us,so every eleven weeks its your turn. However,we can pass it off to someone else if they want to take it.(we get 8hrs pay just for being on call and then paid for whatever calls come in). There are like 3 or 4 guys who are looking for all the OT they can get their hands on and a few others who want no part of it. Management doesn't care as long as there is someone responding to the calls. I dont know if this is done in the HVAC field also.

    Occaisionally I'll cover for someone for a few hours or for the night if they have plans,but other than that,I haven't been on nightcall for years.(every Sunday during the day,though. Had to kiss Pats season tickets goodbye,right before they built the new stadium too)

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    commercial and industrial construction either air side or wet typically works seven to three around here, in a pinch they might work tens but still home by six. usually make as much or more hourly as service guys but less overtime. once you learn the craft it kinda goes to cruise control. many guys prefer this side of the business as it has no call, usually work in a gang, and fewer nutty customers to speak with. many service guys work alone, a lot.

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    My first HVAC gig was residential and only had three techs, so it was every three weekends. That company told us we didn't have to go out in the evenings if we chose not to, but, I did it several times, out of a "call to duty" hahaha!

    Worked for another larger outfit and the rotation for them was about every 8 weeks, and you were subject for call out for 7 days. My last week there was horrible, I had done a call at 130am got home about 4am, and went to the mandatory service meeting at 800am then was fired after the meeting! Was ready to leave the profession after that!

    Got a gig for a manufacturer, worked in the plant for about two years then service for little over a year. Their on-call was to answer the phone, and was rare to get one. Best job in HVAC I've had, but layoff last summer.

    My current gig is service for a commercial construction contractor. NO RESIDENTIAL, occasionally have a project on the weekend, but no designated on-call. When the job is "sold" (all money collected and accounted for) a nice bonus comes across unless there is massive over-runs or problems. Have a lot of details on mutliple projects, tons of paperwork and follow-up, but NO ANCIENT RUSTY FILTHY EQUIPMENT or PSYCHO HOMEOWNERS TO DEAL WITH! Get to coordinate factory startups, deal with other subs, so it is not boring, yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shaun66 View Post
    market install guys do not go on call
    everyone of our fitters takes call.

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    We have 5 guys on call. So we rotate every 5th week. I'm trying to talk them into each have one day during the week and then rotating weekends. I would rather know I'm on call every monday and only have to rotate weekends.
    Nothing like being on call all week that first 90 degree week.

    BTW-Only one of our installers takes on call. And the managers don't take call, including our service manager.

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