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    Was wandering around the other day ( new phone - didn't have your phone number) and noticed a cooling tower in the middle of nowhere. I just ate fish and chips and noticed it when I was leaving the place, beside the cooling tower was a plastic Quonset hut, what's in there and what does it cool?
    Are you packing yet to head south?

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    Talking I'll Pass it on

    I'll let him know you're looking for him, as far as the hut goes its a 'Temporary' 1500 ton York looking for a home, it's been there about 8 years and is tied into the downtown core cooling. Sir Cedrics I assume, best in town. I heard through the grapevine you got your partner back.

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    Correct on Sir Cedrick's.
    Kind of thought it might of been some sort of central cooling, just from the fact there was nothing anywhere near it.
    Partner missed me, had to come back. LOL
    The grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence.

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    Good to hear from you BB. That chiller has not run very much, probably why you didn't notice it before. It is tied in with the casino loop. Their system is completely down right for major repairs and this York is doing the whole place. It's running pretty good right now (touch wood) but it does have a history.
    Will be leaving for Florida on Dec. 17th. Can't wait to get outa here. The big red is getting crazier to work for every year. We got GPS now. Won't send us on training, but will spend millions putting GPS's in our trucks. Want to be in the chiller business but don't want to keep us current with the latest technology. I sure miss that about the way we were treated at Carrier.
    If you get down this way before I leave give me a call and we can go for lunch or have a few after work.

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