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    Installing a GFK160B Blower

    I am installing my first of three blowers in my CD4842IR today. The instructions display 3 wiring diagrams. I think I am supposed to use the Dexen Valve (IPI) as I see a Dexen GM-6KA module. My question is looking at the manual, where do the fan control wires go in the GM-6KA?

    Thanks for any help

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    Exclamation 3 fans in one fireplace?

    One fan per fireplace.

    Contact HL Tech Services at 800-927-6841
    Ask for manual 4016-097, Rev. J dated 05/09 for this convection fan.

    Site rules here, no DIY advice.

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    That is an interesting idea :-) but ... NO I have 3 fireplaces. Just thought about tackling the CD4842IR first.

    Sorry - Didn't realize DIY was prohibited. Mods - Please delete. Will try elsewhere. Thanks RR

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    The install instructions are pretty detailed. They tell you where all the wires go.

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