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    Help With Package System

    I am replacing a 15-year old 10 SEER Ruud package system using propane for heat and have been given quotes from various contractors on the following 2-ton package systems...

    Goodman GPG15 Series single stage compressor, dual stage burner 15 SEER unit that burns propane for heat.

    Amana APG15 Series 15 SEER unit. It appears to be identical to the Goodman with the exception of stainless steel burner instead of "corrosion-resistant T-140 aluminzed steel tubular heat exchanger" in the Goodman - although I was told it also has different controls. Lifetime compressor, lifetime heat exchanger vs. 10 years compressor, 20 years heat exchanger on the Goodman unit.

    Trane XL14C which also has single stage compressor (up to 14.2 SEER), dual guage burner but this is a dual fuel unit with heat pump and propane backup. This unit also has a variable speed blower motor, stainless steel heat exchanger and burners. Warranty is 10 year compressor, 20 year heat exchanger. Price of this unit is comparable to the Goodman GPG15 one.

    I live in Raleigh NC. Given the volatility of propane prices I was leaning more towards the Trane XL14C even though it has a lower SEER because of the dual fuel feature. The contractor who offered the Goodman unit was unsure if the fan was variable speed or not and was to follow-up with me tomorrow.

    When talking to the contractor who offered the Goodman and Amana product, I asked him if he could provide Trane equipment and he said he did not and had no plans to be involved with Trane and that I would experience a lot more problems with needed part replacements on a dual fuel unit. He also indicated the Trane design was prone to rust problems. His explanation to me was that the air hit the evaporator coil first on the Trane versus last on the Goodman unit and that the conditioned air on the Trane would create rust issues as it moved over the various parts in the Trane unit.

    Is there any validity to the increased need for replacement parts in the Trane versus the Amana or Goodman units? Which unit would you pros recommend?
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    The big cause of heat exchanger failures on packaged units is putting coil before the heat exchanger. They rust out quickly. That's why stainless is so good. York has the heat exchanger first which is great. I couldn't tell from their literature if Amana does too but that would be a big selling point plus the stainless HX.

    Personally I would suggest dual fuel, especially with propane as your gas heat. Should be a huge savings not firing propane in your mild climate. In fact it would very rarely be on.

    Rheem/Ruud's dual fuel packaged unit uses a stainless steel tubular heat exchanger. It is in the cold air but being stainless should help it last. Might save on installation costs as it would line up nicely with the old Ruud.

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    So is there validity to what the contractor said about rust problems with parts other than the stainless steel heat exchanger in the Trane XL14C? This is the only unit of the three that was dual fuel and it also has stainless steel burners. His concern was not that the heat exchanger will rust, but the other internal components will because of its design compared to the Goodman unit.
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    It may be the only one of the three but there are others. Carrier, Ruud, both have dual fuel units. I agree with the bald one, especially in Raleigh. I would go dual fuel so fast my head would spin.

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    notting runs like a trane and use a honeywell 8000 t stat you'll be fine

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    So of the three listed (which were comparable in price), the Trane wins hands down and the concern about rusted components in the Trane versus the Goodman and Amana is misplaced?

    If price were similar, would 14 SEER Carrier and Ruud dual fuel, stainless steel HX, two stage burner units with variable speed fan be better than the Trane XL14C for any reason? The three contractors who have come out have all indicated no changes are needed to my existing ductwork.

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    I would definitely go duel fuel especially with LP as the backup...

    We've put in a bunch of duel fuel this summer and fall.

    You will pay more up front for a hybrid pack, but the long term benefits will pay for the extra cost in a short time.

    The guys around here that push Goodman/Amana are usually the small cntractors that can't qualify to be an authorised dealer for the bigger name product.

    Nothing wrong with the small guy either. You are just taking more of a chance in them being out of business when you need them for your warranty.
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    I am kind of surprised that Goodman/Amana still dont offer a dual fuel package unit.

    The others are correct, dual fuel is a great option, especially with propane prices the way they are.

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