I have a 3 ton water furnace approx 3 yrs old. It has two zones, a closed loop with a desuperheater. I like the system with one exception, the noisy compressor. During the heating season the compressor runs almost 24/7. The compressor noise is loud enough throughout our WHOLE house that as much as I like the system(evenness of heat, desuperheater, efficiency) I would consider not installing geo in the future. The whine/hum penetrates the WHOLE house and guests often ask what the noise is. Can someone help me with the noise???? Is this common??? My contractor has failed with a solution. The shipping bolt has been removed, the compressor is wrapped with insulation, and the unit is on a foam board covered with a cement type exterior. I question the foam board and wonder if a "gel" type or other material would help cancel the noise. The first 6' of the metal return and supply are insulated. It is a long way from a whisper. Any suggestions would be helpful.
Thank you,
Noisy Compressor