I just had a gas fireplace installed. The CSST line was not bonded during the installation. The plumber who ran the black pipe portion of the gas line (he didn't do the CSST) said that bonding CSST is not a local code requirement yet.

CSST bonding/grounding seems to be a no-brainer, especially when considering the materials involved can't add a significant amount to the overall installation cost. But if it's as "easy" as I think it is, why aren't installers doing it?

Does the diagram below represent what a properly bonded CSST line should look like? Am I missing something?

CSST Bonding Diagram

Do fireplace installers generally do this, or is it up to the plumber or electrician?

I want to get this done now. I'm guessing most home inspectors will pick up on it if/when I sell the house down the road. That, and I really don't want to be wondering about it every time there's a thunderstorm.