Has anyone had any issues with these heat pumps?
I have put in dozens of these over the past few years and haven't heard of a problem. A few months ago I put a 18K unit in MY house.
About a month after install (First Cold Day of the year) Woke up to a "overcurrent" trip. Reset the unit. Observed and found on every cycle the compressor would draw LRA and trip, then attempt to start again and would run. This same thing would happen on every on cycle. I went and got a replacement from the supplier under warrenty and installed that day. After a week of nice weather its now cold again and my problem is back.
Needless to say my unit is going back. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem.
I am in Nova Scotia, Canada. And by me saying cold right now its only about -5C. And due to the weather my other problem is my igloo is melting
Thanks for any input guys (and gals if there are any)