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    Trane Rover BAS - Registration Q's

    This is not a big deal... just some ramblings...

    I was able to get my hands on a copy on Windows 7, and have it set up in a dual boot with my laptop and Windows XP. My boss has asked me to test drive Windows 7 and see how it works with the multitude of control softwares that we use.

    So I have some down time when I am sitting in this hotel, so I started to install my software. Since I am on a Trane job, I decided to go with Rover first. Rover 7.1 installs fine, but of course I can't register it. I was under the impression that if I installed it on the same computer, it would let me register it. I guess not. The locking code is different between this install and my XP install.

    So thus ends THAT test.

    So I am now going to continue with my TAC tests....
    Schneider Electric I/A Series, Schneider Electric SmartStruxure/SmartStruxure Lite (Certified in both), Niagara R2/AX technician (Certification in AX only), and Andover/Schneider Continuum system engineer/administrator.

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    Rover checks the windows key for generation of locking code. Different windows key, different locking code. Every time you upgrade your PC you have to call Trane (And get redirected a 100 times and still not get them :-( ) and re-register your new locking code. It also writes to certain files in the windows system so if you reinstall after your 30 day trial it will not work (unless you modify things).

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    I think it's a lon licensing thing. I had the same issues with Rover as I have with Lonwatcher. Even though they would both be installed on the same machine, the software manuf. considers them separate installations or separate machines.

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    Save you some time, this is whats running on my Windows 7 machine

    ASI Expert
    ASI Weblink
    ASI OPC Server
    Johnson Controls MTool
    Trane Varitrac
    Trane Tracker(won't upgrade to latest service pack)
    Trane Rover 7.1
    Trane Tracer TU(had some issues with install probably will have to remove and reinstall-no TGP2 installed)
    Phoenix Controls Bacnet(Alerton software)
    Siemens Datamate
    Lynxspring Tridium
    ASI Controls Tridium
    Hyperterminal(you have to buy in Windows 7, doesn't come with it anymore)
    The old Invensys software(can't remember the name)

    I believe thats everything I'm running
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