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    HRV up and running, so

    I had the local HVAC contractor over to wire up the unit to the furnace. Works great but I'm not satisfied on the loud furnace blower operation during HRV operation. He said that's normal because it activates the high speed side of the blower motor (same thing as when the A/C utilizes the high speed side)and not the medium high that the furnace uses for heat. Question I have for you veteran HVAC techs, can this HRV use the medium high of the blower before I call them back. Can it be rewired for different blower fan speeds? When the furnace is running the blower noise is just fine.

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    I would imagine that if he can wire it to the high side of the fan why he couldn't rewire it to the med fan speed unless he is just using the wire taps for the AC side since the AC is not in use when the HRV is running.

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    Dan...he wired a relay to the furnace (also wired to the spare NC terminal on the fan limit) to use the blower same speed as the furnace uses during heat function. Nice and quiet now.

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