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    Yes that is the PART # that Rick posted.

    Rick , had a MAINT guy try and tackle repacking 300 BC valves over the summer in a school.

    He got the part #s bought the parts + the packing tool.

    Did about 10 lost interest , it turned COLD a week ago , gee lots of OT getting the rest rebuilt and at a lot more $ than originally quoted to do the work over the summer..

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    Siebe Valve

    I had just purchased a valve packing wrench from It was about 18.00 my cost. I can get the part number posted if someone is still following this thread.
    I find it hard to find any info on these valves on the net. Wondering if anyone out there replaces the valve stem seal seals with out replacing the whole packing nut assembly.


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    What valve ?


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