I have about 1 cord of mixed hardwood remaining from last winter. Most of it I scavenged myself from downed trees or from the power company cutting down trees that are in the way of power lines. It's getting harder and harder to scavenge free wood. My area (northeast Baltimore suburbs) continues to be developed rapidly. The places I used to go to scavenge wood are now houses, strip malls, etc.

I always buy one cord of mixed hardwood per year from the farmer down the road to suppliment what I scavenge. I have dealt with him for about 5 years now. I stick with the same guy because he always has decent wood and never shorts me. Always 128 cubic feet tightly stacked.

This year he held his price the same as last year: $170 for mixed hardwood and $190 for all oak. Prices in the local paper are about $200 per cord.