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    Exclamation Isn't that special

    New customer calls for service on their trane intellcrap and found that Juan or billy bob from maint thought this was a leak repair. The tarp tore apart and blew over the cond fans and cover the cond section. LOL you gotta love these guys. One compressor is burnt up and their tand compressors now I have to explain why they need to replace both even if one is running, "it's a dirty burn out" It's been running like this for awhile look at the disconnect handle through the tarp.

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    job opening!!!

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    That is beautiful.
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    That's classy.

    I know of a mall that built sheds over units instead of having them lifted off

    when they replaced the roof. I discovered this condition while on a no

    cooling call. They were part way done with the roofing job and still

    hadn't put sheds over half of the RTU's. I tried talking them out of doing it

    to the rest of the units. Dont work. I guessing it was so smart guys way of

    saving money?
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