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    Thoughts on Napoleon

    First post, and I'm not sure if I can post this here, but well find out.

    I'm a homeowner that's haveing my basement redone. I'm looking at getting a Direct Vent Natural gas fireplace installed. I was looking at the Napoleon HD35, but the sales person said they were having problems with the electronic ignition on them. I haven't been able to find anything online about that at all.

    As a second choice, I was leaning towards the GD36, but that has a pilot light, and I can't find howandy reliable information on much gas that would use in a year?

    I was wondering what the professionals thought about the HD 35, the cost of gas for a pilot light and Napoleon Direct Vent Fireplaces on the whole?

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    I installed the GD36 model with standing pilot several years ago in my basement and haven't had an ounce of trouble. Gd model comes with ceramic glass. I also installed fan kit and faux brick liner in firebox. Good unit for price.

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    I also had a GD36 installed in my basement. I have one on the main floor too.

    The installer originally put the wrong one in. I noticed the flame was very small and it didn't throw much heat. When I compared the model numbers with the one upstairs, I saw it was different. They had installed a BGD36. The B in the model number makes a HUGE difference. That is a "builders model" and does not have ceramic glass, has lower BTU etc.

    So, I called them back and they replaced it with the GD36. They didn't know there was a difference!

    As to the standing pilot, I don't really know how much it costs me for the year. I keep the pilot on year round because it keeps the spiders away. I turned it off on summer and I had spiders in the venturi.

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    Thanks, I went with the GD36, and I'm having my gas fitter install it in a couple of weeks.

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    You can get the GD36 with an intermittent pilot (electronic ignition)so you don't have the pilot lit all the time. I just installed one the other day.

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