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    Question Quadra-fire 1100 won't start up

    Hi all, I installed a used Quadra-fire 1100 pellet stove insert and it functioned fine for about a month and then just stopped working. I can hear the thermostat kick in and then just nothing. I have cleaned the firebox and heat exchanger. Checked the fuse and verified I have power to the unit. Checked around for loose wires. And have not found anything yet. I removed one end of the vacuum hose and sucked on it a little and the auger motor started up. I am unsure the sequence of fans that start up. I have searched the forums that i could find, and see references to snap discs but I cannot locate or identify them. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks, rick

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    Review the manual that came with the stove. Ensure you have pellets and that the drop tube is not blocked. Other than that, you probably need to call a qualified technician. What do the people say who sold you the stove? Also, did you personally install it or did they?


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    Thanks Hearthman, I received no manual, just downloaded the owners manual. I did the install, and have not talked to the guys I bought it used from. Like i said I have searched around a bit, and got a few ideas of what to check, like the snap discs, but are unsure of where they are?


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    The manual seems to give unusually good directions for troubleshooting equipment. You seem to have made only a few of the suggested tests.

    I'd start by going back and following all the suggestions given for the conditions you are experiencing.

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