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    Coil Cleaner plus Tool Box equals a bad combo

    I was coming out to my truck and saw something leaking under the bed. I opened the tool box and The bottle of coil cleaner had leaked and ate a 2 inch diameter hole in the bottom. I got home and unloaded the bed of my truck and the tool box. No easy task. The bed was OK the fluid was leaking out one of the drain holes. My oxy/acet set had fallen over on it and punctured the bottle.

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    That acid based cleaner can do some damage when it leaks or spills.

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    After having coil cleaner ruin my tool bag and corrode the tools. I took an empty Square jug into WalMart, bought six square food storage containers, that the jug would just fit into. Bought a Tote the food containers would fit into. I reinforced the top with 1/4" plywood so I can stack the power washer on it. I use the food container lids to kneel on while cleaning the coils.

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    I had some relatively mild stuff eat the galvanize right off my shelving once. Nasty stuff! And to think how many of us get it on our hands and wipe or rinse it off with out a thought (I was one of them).

    For the most part though I've switched to just using water, or if it's really bad using simple green...
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    Quote Originally Posted by amax155 View Post
    I was coming out to my truck and saw something leaking under the bed.
    Saw the same thing one day and it ate up the driveway
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    was cleaning 6 condensers at a reception hall, had the doors open to the truck with the radio on. had just filled and pumped my sprayer when it tipped over and when off. It sprayed the interior of my passenger it is permanently speckled even though i got to it right away with wet scrubs to clean it off. ive seen many a service van with bumpers that seem rusted in a way it looked like something leaked, must have been cleaner also

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