the facts:
Johnson Controls FX07 controller with a rs232 serial card installed.
a qualcom gsm modem with a serial cable
the modem can send out sms messages all day long from my laptop via hyperterminal

After setting the modem settings to what the literature requires
9600 no parity stop 1 length 8 etc.

When I power up the fx07 and have the serial port connected to see what the fx is sending out, soon after power up I get a signal from the controller which is
ate0 which is it setting the echo off.
other than that, its dead. It doesnt respond or sms out for analog alarms, or binary alarms with manual resets.
I've set the events, have the contacts in, have the checks checked, no n2 or lon protocol ( i have tried both ways)
I'm thinking that this was set up in europe and maybe doesnt work here?
I know my gsm modem was originally set up for euro networks and I had to change it to the us mode.
HAS anyone ever gotten a fx07 to sms out via a gsm modem any alarm????
let me know.