Went on a service call yesterday for a wonderful Quietside boiler and wish I had a camera. Never seen an install this bad! Here was the list of problems I found in my 45 min. there before just telling the property owner it needs to be ripped out and re-installed.
1) Gas piping in black pipe ran across floor, not secured either, with no drip leg or shutoff, ANYWHERE!
2) No automatic fill valve, just a manual ball valve.
3) Exhaust slopes downward the whole length of the run.
4) Boiler intake stubs out of mechanical room into basement area.
5) No expansion tank anywhere to be found.
6) System has three zones with one common return. Their are no zone valves the pumps just turn on when that specific zone calls. The boiler is piped with the pumps pushing into the boiler then up what was originally supposed to be the return lines so their is no control of the zones.

Then the property owner refuses to pay because I didn't fix anything! Not my fault he's too cheap! I told him to call the original installer seeing as how it was put in 9 months ago, but he lost the guys number. Not the COMPANYS number but the GUYS number! Time to call the inspector for that city.